Why The U.S. Postal Service Is Going Bankrupt ...

Actually, I could save myself a lot of words, and you the trouble of reading them, by simply reminding anyone who has forgotten that the United States Postal Service is, after all, a government operation.  That pretty much explains everything with regard to why it will never, EVER, run efficiently.  The fact that it works at all, at any price, is something for which all Americans should be eternally grateful.  I know that I am.  And as far as I'm concerned, Congress should really just shut up about it, pay the budget shortages, and leave it be ... because at least we ARE getting our mail as things stand and, especially if the government scrambles everything up like a breakfast egg (which seems to be all that our government is capable of doing these days), the one thing that is NOT going to happen is that the postal service will get better.  We'll get our mail less often.  We'll have to drive father to get to a post office.  And damn straight, it'll end up costing us more.

But, as it is so easy for me to do when I'm talking about the government lately, I digress ...

Yesterday, I put an item into a "Flat Rate" Priority Mail Envelope, put the $5+ Priority Mail stamp on it, weighed it and then put it out in my mailbox for my mailman to pick up and send on its merry way.

You might be asking yourself why I bothered to weigh a "Flat Rate" Priority Mail Package ... and if you are, then I'm going to tell you why ... because Congress managed to meddle with the post office service after the 9/11 attack on the United States - yes, the same 9/11 attack that they're perfectly willing to forget about the rest of the time - and decreed that, in order to thwart terrorists, our mailmen can no longer pick up from our mailboxes, any package that weighs over 13 ounces.  If a package weighs more than 13 ounces, then whatever is in there MIGHT be "terrorist related" and, somehow, making us drive that package to the post office - wasting God knows how many thousands of gallons of gasoline on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis - where we anonymously drop the potentially evil package into a bin, makes that "13 ounce or more" package LESS of a threat than it was in the mailbox of a house with a street address attached to it.  Stop shaking your head.  It's not my fault that this mandate makes no sense whatsoever.  Stop electing idiots to represent you in Congress  and then you won't have to listen to stories like this one!

Since, after I weighed my package, I did, in fact, put it into my mailbox for my mailman to pick up, you might assume that I had determined that it did NOT weigh more than 13 ounces.  And if you did assume that, you would be correct.  My package weighed precisely 12.7 ounces.

So ... yesterday, my mailman picked up my $5.75 12.7 ounce Priority Mail package.  Then, presumably, he took it to the post office to be processed.

This afternoon, it ended up BACK in my mailbox, along with the rest of the mail that was delivered to my house today.  Affixed to my $5.75 Priority Mail package was this sticker:


Yes, I did say that my package only weighed 12.7 ounces.  But.  The post office rounds up.

Even so, that made my package weigh precisely 13 ounces ... not "more" than 13 ounces.  Right?

Ever try telling a postal service employee anything?  Anything at all?  Yeah.

So, in order to comply with the law, WITHOUT HAVING TO WASTE MY $5.00 A GALLON GASOLINE, DRIVING TO THE POST OFFICE WHEN I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE DOING THAT, I went to the handy, dandy website for the postal service and "scheduled a pick up."

You're shaking your head again.  I thought I told you to stop that.  Honestly, I can't be held responsible for your lousy choice of government representatives!

So, tomorrow, separately from the regular mailman who comes to my house every day but Sunday, who is the same mailman who has already picked up my 12.7 ounce Priority Mail package once and who has already had to return my 12.7 ounce Priority Mail package to the same mailbox, another mailman will drive to my house, get out of his truck and walk to my front door, pick up my 12.7 ounce Priority Mail package (which is now sitting on a table by the front door), walk back to his truck and then drive it, along with my my 12.7 ounce Priority Mail package, all the way BACK to the very same post office where it already was, before some postal worker decided that an example needed to be made, using my my 12.7 ounce Priority Mail package, and before that postal worker made that example by wasting as many resources as one person possibly could, by sending a "Flat Rate" package that was, nonetheless, below the "13 ounce per terrorist" limit, back to someone who only had to go to the post office's own website in order to have them send ANOTHER mailman out to pick up the very same package!

And yet, I continue to defend the postal service.  Because, if Congress hadn't mandated the stupid and useless "13 ounce" law on them, in the first place, I wouldn't have had to go through all that I went through today.  Discussing the fact that no one seems to have recognized the stupidity of this particular law and called for its repeal, I leave for another time.